Our Mission

In today's dynamic securitisation market, making the right moves is non-negotiable. We understand the need for a game-changing solution that checks all the boxes and enables you to focus on strategic analysis, rather than navigating complex data across multiple fragmented tools.
Our mission is to provide a complete and out-of-the-box solution for structured finance, standardizing workflows, optimizing decision-making, and enhancing collaboration through top-tier features. At Copula, we are deeply committed to continuous R&D, driving innovation and the implementation of cutting-edge technology. We aim to facilitate efficient, transparent, and scalable operations, empowering originators, arrangers, structurers, investors, and cash managers throughout the structured finance lifecycle.

Company FAQ

What does Copula stand for?

Copula is a mathematical function, yet it also symbolises cutting-edge technology, seamless UX, robust cyber-security, and extensive financial expertise.

What is the Securitisation Terminal?

It is the state-of-the-art webapp developed for and with structured finance experts to streamline and scale their capital market operations.

Why using the Securitisation Terminal?

To enhance efficiency and streamline time-consuming processes. Our solution is designed to be flexible, modular, and collaborative, ensuring it aligns with industry requirements. It offers a cost-efficient alternative that is ready for deployment and provides robust security features, making it a superior choice compared to other options.

What transaction can I onboard?

Any requiring granular pool analytics, cash flow allocation, cash management, or reporting.

What differentiate The Securitisation Terminal from other solutions?

It is easy to deploy for a quick start without complexities, providing access to top-tier industry features at a sensible price, setting a new industry standard. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, and our goal is to ensure that you receive the best value for your investment.

Is Copula involved in transactions?

We are an independent company that is never involved in a transaction, so we remain impartial and free from conflicts of interest.

What future developments can I expect?

We are committed to continuous innovation. Expect future developments that leverage the latest technologies and address evolving industry needs.

How can Copula further help me?

Copula is a Financial Software Provider. Under certain conditions, it can help structure a deal or act as an introducer agent for specific requests.

Copula GmbH

We are a young, international and dynamic team, located in Switzerland, combining state-of-the-art IT development and deep expertise in complex financial instruments from extensive experience in relevant institutions like HSBC, Citi, Natixis or Bloomberg. Our passion is to develop secure, intuitive and advanced software.

Copula Team

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