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The Copula Formula

The securitisation process is complex and requires a lot of paperwork; reaching and convincing investors is a recurring challenge; presentation and analysis of product data is essential for pricing; many investors do not have the appropriate tool.
At Copula, we believe that securitisation can be made simple and transparent. The Securitisation Terminal is the result of state-of-the-art IT development and a solid business expertise.
Most importantly, we are an independent company that is never involved in a transaction, so we remain impartial and avoid conflicts of interest.
Systematic traceability, consistency of all data and comparability are the cornerstones of the Securitisation Terminal.

Company FAQ

What does Copula stand for?

Copula is a mathematical function, but Copula also stands for transparent analytics, easy processes and connecting opportunities with investors.

What services does Copula provide?

Copula allows its clients to present their activities and products in an organised and unbiased manner in order to be analysed, to interact with other clients and to simplify certain tasks related to the securitisation process.

Where are Copula's services hosted?

Our services are available on the Securitisation Terminal. It is a flexible discovery tool with clear data analytics to connect local opportunities with global players.

How can I access the Securitisation Terminal?

Contact us, we will send you an onboarding form. Then we will conduct a client due diligence. If you are approved by Copula, you will receive log-in credentials. Afterwards, to display a product, you must also create a product sheet by answering a questionnaire and providing related data.

What products can I find on the Securitisation Terminal?

The Securitisation Terminal is open to various private debt instruments. Some can be sold as is, others require the issuance of a security.

Can I compare products?

Copula offers a product comparison function that allows you to better understand the differences between products .

Is Copula developing its offer?

We are constantly developing our services. We are also happy to receive your suggestions.

Can Copula help me structure a deal?

Copula is a Financial Service Provider. Although this is not our usual activity, in case of specific requests, Copula can under certain conditions help to structure a deal.

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Data & Privacy Guidelines

Is my data safe with Copula?

Copula makes every effort to protect data and prevent hacker attacks. Data is stored on secure servers in Switzerland. No data is exchanged or resold to third parties without the explicit consent of the customer.

Is Copula regulated by Finma?

No, Copula is a Financial Service Provider. We have partners for any task requiring a license.

Who provides the data?

Copula offers a format, a guideline and a methodology to upload data and the calculations necessary for their analysis. However, clients are responsible for the accuracy of the data they provide. Copula is not responsible for the quality of the data provided by the clients, nor for its updating.