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Our Solutions

Originators • ArrangersThe Originator Smart Assistant
  • Simple Data Upload
  • Cash Flow Reporting
  • Notifications and Call to Action
  • Regulatory Live Reporting Friendly (ESMA)
Structuring team • Treasurer • InvestorThe Structurer Toolbox
  • Optimal Pool of Underlying Exposure
  • Solver of the Optimal Tranching
  • Stress Testing
  • Cash Flow Modelling
Asset servicer • Middle- and back-office • Risk DepartmentThe Life-Cycle Solution
  • Unique Data Source for Cash Managers
  • Calendar of Events and Cash Flow Generator
  • Term Sheet Editor
  • Stratification Tables and Waterfalls
Complete Solution All in one structured finance solution
  • Simple Data Upload: guided data uploading process
  • Cash Flow Reporting: Detailed tracking of cash flow
  • Notifications and Call to Action: Alerts and prompts for necessary actions on time
  • Regulatory Live Reporting Friendly (ESMA): Real-time and compliant with regulatory reporting requirements
  • Optimal Pool of Underlying Exposure: A tool for finding the optimal bundle
  • Solver of the Optimal Tranching: Discover various tranching options
  • Stress Testing: Assess resilience of the structure
  • Cash Flow Model: distribute asset inflows according to priority of payments
  • Unique Data Source for Cash Managers: A central data source for cash managers
  • Calendar of Events and Cash Flow Generator: Tools for managing the cash flow lifecycle
  • Term Sheet Editor: Input transaction terms for account management
  • Stratification Tables and Waterfalls: Asset characteristics and payment prioritisation

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constantly striving to leverage new technological developments


developing solutions in collaboration with industry leaders

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Copula invests significant effort in developing a secure software architecture. Regular maintenance and frequent updates are high priorities to withstand the growing threats of the digital world. Data privacy and security are at the core of Copula's vision.

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Our team combines technical and IT skills as well as long experience in securitisation and investment banking. It is our goal to always serve our clients in the best possible way.
For inquiries, introduction to investors, structuring needs or complex transactions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your most specific requests.

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Client Support

Our dedicated client support team assists you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter. We take pride in our team's responsiveness and commitment to providing timely assistance. Whether you need technical guidance, have questions about our solutions, or require help with any aspect of your experience, our support team is here to ensure your needs are met promptly and effectively.

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Securitisation Whitepaper
Everything First-Time Originators Need to Know about Securitisation